Phosphor filter press

Phosphor introduction

The phosphor (commonly known as luminous powder), and is usually divided into two types of light-induced energy storage luminous powder and radioactive luminous powder.


Made a weak illumination source People in real life use of the characteristics of luminous powder luminous for a long time, made weak lighting source, special use in the military sector, this material coated in aviation instruments, watches and clocks, windows, machine switch flag, door handle, etc., can also be used with a variety of translucent plastic pressed into a variety of symbols, components, supplies (such as the power switch, socket, fishing hooks, etc.). These light-emitting components after light irradiation, night or unexpected power outages, lightning to get up and so it continues to shine, so that people identifiable surrounding the direction of work and life. Ultra-fine particles of luminous material incorporated into textiles, the color more vivid, young children put on the luminous textiles, reduce traffic accidents.

Vacuum Belt Filter Press for Phosphor

Working principle: Rubber belt vacuum filter uses filtration as the medium. It makes full use of the gravity and vacuum suction to separate liquid from solid materials. This filter takes the ring shaped rubber belt as the vacuum vessel. Ring shaped belt is motored by electric motor and the filtration is wrapped on the belt. The vacuum vessel and the ring shaped friction belt form the suction area. Liquid pass through furrow on filtration and go into vacuum vessel through pores. Solid materials are stopped and form filtration cakes. The liquid in the vessel will be discharged when the filtration spilt from belt. Filtration can be used again after washed.

Phosphor filter press for sale

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