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Filter Presses are very extensively used in oil mills, chemical works etc. Our filter presses are most suitable for cleaning oil drawn from the different expelling plants. The filtering capacity varies with the viscosity of the oil, liquids & with the amount of sediment contained therein. Filter press consists of chiefly C.I. square plates. mounted parallel on heavy flat M.S. Plates fixed on heavy cast iron stand. All filter presses are supplied with Air Vessel, Filter Cloth, C.I. Cocks, Oil Tray & best quality motor driven Plunger Pump. The oil or liquid pressed by a pump passes through filter cloth fitted to either side of each plate.

oil filter press

To filter the crude oil in a better way we offer oil filter press for better quality of oil. Oil is filtered through attached filter pump on expeller. There are non return valves on both the sides of pump. This pump sucks the oil from the oil tank & pushing to the filter press with force so that oil gets filtered with very high quality. We manufacture edible / non edible oil seeds crushing expeller with cooking kettle which has been designed for independent family business enterprise and developed for rural development and for increasing wealth in villages. Investment in tiny oil mill is earned back in one year in India and in 3 to 6 months in Africa and other countries. Huge potentiality for establishing  one million tiny oil mills in the world which will change rural areas in wealth centers. It can be installed in just couple of hours. It is suitable to crush every oilseed.

oil filter press manufacturer

Zhengzhou Toper is specialized in the manufacture of superior quality Filter Press for  industry. Our advanced in-house unit assists in the designing & development of high performance Filter Press at competitive prices.

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