mobile sludge dewatering

sludge dewatering

At Environmental, we employ methods for liquid waste separation and waste minimisation that ensure industrial effluents to be consigned off-site are kept to an absolute minimum. Our Mobile dewatering equipments available include:Centrifuge, Belt Press, Chamber Press and SDT Units. Our units typically reduce waste volumes by up to 90%. Our SDT Units are fully self contained (power, water, pumps, vacuum tank, dosing equipment etc) and are most suited to volumes up to 400m3.

mobile sludge dewatering unit

The Toper mobile sludge dewatering unit is a complete system that can be mounted on a trailer. It really is the ultimate “plug and play” system. The fully enclosed system creates an operator friendly environment with minimum risk of contact with sludge cake or vapours. Unit volumes are available from 1m3/hr to 30m3/hr. Our equipment, systems and services are dedicated to assisting customers in optimizing the performance of their processes. Our representatives work closely with customers in almost 30 countries to help them stay ahead.

Mobile Sludge Dewatering supplier

Zhengzhou Toper specializes in the sludge dewatering of tanks, lagoons and production processes. With a vast inventory of various dewatering equipment and an experienced staff, Zhengzhou Toper can develop the most practical and efficient processes for dewatering of numerous applications. The goal is to optimize operational time and obtain the highest percent solids for disposal economy.

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