industrial water filtration systems

Industrial Water

Zhengzhou Toper delivers innovative technologies that reduce the demand for disposable media, reduce disposal and effluent costs, and reduce employee exposure to hazardous situations. From tubular backwashing and mechanically cleaned filters to bag and cartridge filtration systems, Eaton filtration systems remove debris from 0.03 microns and up, absolute.

Benefits of Wastewater Filtration and Treatment

Water filtration and treatment allow water sources such as wells, rivers, lakes and streams to be used where raw water quality would normally not meet required standards. Wastewater filtration and treatment reduce plant water expenses by cleaning wastewater to permit its re-use. Wastewater can be re-conditioned to make it suitable for use as process water or for use in cooling, firefighting, washing and other plant activities. For over 30 years,Zhengzhou Toper has been manufacturing systems for water and wastewater filtration and treatment ,including:centrifuge dewatering,filter press series,screen filters,sand filters. These systems are used for: Industrial process water Industrial cooling water Industrial wastewater (discharge and re-use) Municipal potable water Solids dewatering and recovery Swimming pools Water features Irrigation (agricultural, landscape) The specific types of systems manufactured include: cooling tower filters, sand and multi-media filters, activated carbon adsorbers, softeners, de-mineralizers, de-alkalizers, ion exchangers, dewatering screens, and self-cleaning screen filters (strainers).  

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