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Filter is to use a special filter media, some pressure is applied to the object, so that the liquid out of a dialysis equipment. The solids mixture is extracted, to achieve solid, liquid separation effect. category: A: filtration Category: chamber filter press (chamber pressure filter) "and the" belt filter press (belt pressure filter), membrane filter press, plate and frame filter press B: structural classification: Bridge filter presses and belt presses C: pressure mode Category: spiral pressure machines and hydraulic presses into account application filter press is widely used in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, sugar, metallurgy, food, ceramics, starch, fruit juice, mineral processing, dyes, sugar, paper, resource development, metallurgical coal, defense industry, environmental protection and other industries and a variety of industrial wastewater purification and sewage treatment. working principle Filter presses generally work in a "batch" manner. The plates are clamped together, then a pump starts feeding the slurry into the filter press to complete a filtering cycle and produce a batch of solid filtered material, called the filter cake. The stack of plates is opened, solid is removed, and the stack of plates is re-clamped and the filtering cycle is repeated. A filter press uses increased pump pressure to maximize the rate of filtration and produce a final filter cake with a water content under 65%. This is more efficient than regular filtration because of the increased filtration pressure applied by the pump that can reach anywhere between 50–200 pounds per square inch (3.4–14 bar). filter press manufacturer Zhengzhou Toper is a famous Chinese Professional filter press manufacturer, vendors and service providers.Our products have a jack compaction filter, mechanical compaction filter, hydraulic pressure filter, programmable PLC automatically pull plate filter press, high temperature cast iron filter press, stainless steel filter press, membrane filter press and so on. Toper main production filter, filter variety, full specifications, superior quality, reasonable price and the company has strong technical force and perfect after-sales service of filter press, leading filter press technology, the production of filter press processing power, dehydration, high efficiency, long life, the country’s most professional and trustworthy!    

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