filter press machine

filter press machine

Filter press machine used in chemical production in the early 18th century, is still widely used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, dyes, food, brewing, ceramics as well as environmental protection and other industries. Filter press for intermittent operation, plate and frame filter press, chamber filter press and vertical filter press 3. Filter plates with stable performance, easy operation, safety, labor-saving, metal and steel filter plates cast molding, high temperature, high pressure, durable.

Structure And Components

filter press machine consists of frame, press filter plate, thrust filter plate, filter plate, filter cloth, hydraulic station, control cabinet, air pump or water pump, metal pipe of air blow and flexible air blow pipe.

Working principle

The composition of the filter press machine hydraulic press mechanism by hydraulic station, cylinders, pistons, piston rod and the piston rod and the pressing plate the connection havran card hydraulic station structure motors, pumps, pressure relief valve (regulating pressure) for check valve, pressure gauge, fuel lines, tanks. Filtering methods: the the filtrate outflow distinct flow filtration and undercurrent filter. Ming-flow filtration, each filter plate below the liquid hole filled with water Tsui, the filtrate intuitive outflow from the water nozzles. Undercurrent filters, each filter plate is provided below the liquid passage hole, Kong Liancheng certain block of the filtration plate of the liquid to a liquid channel, the liquid hole in the bottom of the thrust plate is connected to the discharge pipe. Washing: cake needs to be washed, and sometimes flow-way washing and two-way washing and undercurrent-way washing and two-way washing.


filter press machine widely used in coal, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, papermaking, non-ferrous mining and food, medicine, sewage treatment and other industries, solid-liquid separation, especially suitable to use in the flotation plant, coal, raw coal slime flotation tail solid-liquid separation dehydration.

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