Wine Industry Filter Press Application

Filter Press Application in Wine Industry

The cleaning and sterilization work in the wine factory which include the (filter press, filling machine, wine pipe and wine tank etc....)

process: washing to alkaline cleaning, washing, pickling to sterile water washing, sterilization.

2. cleaning process, sterilization operation:

(1) water wash:10 minutes, wash with water;

(2) the alkaline cleaning: 2% NaOH solution cleaning 20 minutes;

(3) water: 10 minutes, wash with water;

(4) pickling: cleaning with 1% citric acid water 20 minutes;

(5) sterile water: flush with sterile water for 10 minutes;

(6) sterilization steam sterilization of 15 ~ 20 minutes, accused of net water.

Second, the small appliances cleaning sterilization

Small appliances, used in the production of first before use with clean water, again in 1% NaOH solution soak for 10 minutes, reoccupy sterile water is rinsed clean with alcohol daub after sterilization, ensure clean dirt after use.

Third,wine, wine, filter, pump, pipe and other equipment, wash clean with clear water after use, put up in the workshop location specified.

Last, workshop with uv lamp sterilization after work for 1 hour.

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