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Centrifuge is mainly used for the suspension of the solid particles separated from the liquid; or emulsion of two different densities, and separate immiscible liquids (such as separating cream from milk); it can be used excluding wet solid in a liquid; special tubular separator can speed separation of gas mixtures of different densities, such as concentration, separation of gaseous uranium hexafluoride; the use of different density or particle size of solid particles in the liquid sedimentation different characteristics, some centrifuge but also on the solid particles by density or particle size grading.

Structure And Working  Principle

A centrifuge rotating at high speed around its own cylinder axis, called drum, generally driven by the motor. A suspension (or emulsion) added to the drum, driven by the rapid rotation of the drum with the speed, the centrifugal force of the components separated and discharged separately. Generally, the higher the drum speed, the better the separation effect. The action principle of centrifuge a centrifugal filtration and centrifugal two kinds. ① centrifugal filtration: The suspension of the centrifugal force field generated under centrifugal pressure acting on the filter media (filter or cloth), so that the liquid passes through the filter media to become filtrate; which solid particles are trapped in the filter medium surface, to form a residue, which realize liquid - solid separation. Peripheral wall of the drum-filtering holes in the walls lined with filter media. ② centrifugal sedimentation: the use of a suspension (or emulsion) different densities of each component in the rapid settlement of the centrifugal force field hierarchical principle, to achieve liquid - solid (or liquid - liquid) separation.

How to choose the centrifuge

Typically, for containing particles larger than 0.01 mm particles in suspension optional filter centrifuge; For small particles in suspension or compressible deformation, are advised to use centrifuge; For low solids suspension, tiny particles and liquids Clarity requires high should be selected separator. Filtering centrifuges available than dry residues, and wash residue. Such as the use scraper dumping slag, some particles will break. A centrifugal separator can not be separated to meet several requirements, optionally with the use of several centrifuges.

centrifuge machine manufacturer

Zhengzhou Toper is a professional supplier of centrifuges。The main products are sludge treatment equipment, sludge dewatering, tailings disposal facilities, decanters. Products can be widely used in urban sewage treatment and industrial waste water treatment works, urban life and industrial production is important in the process separation equipment. Applications ranging from municipal wastewater, printing and dyeing, paper, leather, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical mining, construction, chemical, brewing, light industry, coal dust, electroplating, food processing and other dozens of industries.


Frequently Asked Questions for centrifuge application of the latest solutions, the use of polymer composite materials, materials with superior adhesion, excellent compressive strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance and other comprehensive performance, you can avoid demolition repaired. Compared to traditional methods, neither heat welding thermal stress impact, repair thickness is not limited, and materials having a metal materials do not have an escape character, a centrifugal separator to ensure the contact with hundred percent of the repair site and reduces the shock and vibration , to avoid the possibility of secondary wear. Now deal with the centrifuge transmission parts wear problems CKS gradually replace the traditional way for businesses to save a lot of down time, creating significant economic value. Toper to provide you with a variety of centrifuge, the most authoritative centrifuge Price, centrifuge photographs, and other product information library, we will do our best to provide you with accurate and comprehensive solutions.  

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